Valenti & Co Frames

Valenti Silver Photo Frames – Valenti are a very good quality, inexpensive range of silver frames made in Italy.  They are presented in a cloth bag for protection and are beautifully boxed.  The Valenti frames are available in various designs including a nearly plain range which is very faintly hammered. Please see images for the different designs.  Most of the Valenti frames are available in sets of 3 sizes or 4 sizes varying from 3.5 x 5 (ins), 4 x 6 (ins), 5 x 7 (ins) and 6 x 8 (ins).

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All the Valenti frames have a highly polished gloss wooden back, the back door having a tongue and groove fastening with a latch at the bottom to keep it secure, and a single standing leg.  All the Valenti frames which are 5 x 7 (ins) and above are presented with a free mirror so that it can be interchange if required.

The Valenti silver frames are covered with a protective layer of  lacquer which means there is no silver cleaning required.  The frames will benefit from a buff up with a soft duster only. Instructions on the cleaning process are available in the frame box.